Service Rates

My specialties include:
  • * Electromechanical pinball machines - all makes
  • Mechanical slot machines and trade stimulators - all makes
  • Bally electromechanical slot machines
  • Bally, Evans & Keeney Consoles & Horse Races
  • 1st generation Bally and Stern Digital Pinballs - 1976-1984
  • Shuffle and Ball Bowling machines - all makes
  • Pitch and Bat games - Williams, Midway, Chicago Coin
  • Electromechanical Arcade games & Shooting Galleries

I also work on Scales, Love testers, Gumball, Candy, and Card vending machines.

Service Rates:

  • Call charge $80 and up (varies with travel time from Rockville, MD)
  • Labor $60.00/hr - 1 hour minimum
  • Parts additional
  • Mechanical Reconditioning $400.00 and up
  • Complete Restorations $500.00 and up. Includes extensive testing and are done in my shop.
  • Pickup & delivery is available for an additional fee.

For more information or to arrange a service call contact Eric at 301-871-4575 or E-Mail

* Electromechanical pinballs are those in which the scores are registered on reels - usually white with black numbers. Digital pinballs have Red or Blue L.E.D. displays for scores.